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TRAPPER, pest monitor

TRAPPER, pest monitor

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This TRAPPER Pest Detector Mouse and Insect Monitor is a reusable plastic station used with the TRAPPER™ Glue Trap to monitor insects and mice. The two-piece design of this pest detector is easy to secure and maintain, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use in residential accounts, food processing plants and commercial accounts.

To monitor insects and mice, place a TRAPPER™ glue trap in the base, using the clips to hold the glue trap firmly in place. Insects can access the trap from holes on all four sides. Mice enter through the two largest holes adjacent to the wall. To prevent mice from accessing the TRAPPER Pest Detector, rotate the top, covering the two largest holes.

Mounting holes in the bottom of the TRAPPER Pest Detector make maintenance easy when the monitor is secure. This trap opens with Bell's unique 2-prong key. With its low profile, TRAPPER slips under objects or can be used sideways in a narrow opening.

Effective against the parasites below:

Mice, cockroaches (cockroaches, cockroaches) and crawling pests.

(Ants, crickets, earwigs, centipedes)

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TRAPPER, pest monitor

Additional information

Ecological information

Ecotoxicity effects: non-toxic.

Persistence and degradability: Non-toxic.

Bioaccumulative potential: non-toxic.

Mobility in soil: Non-toxic.

Other adverse effects: None.


Sold as: Box

Unit: CS (box)

Target pests: ants, crickets, earwigs, house mice, centipedes

ID: 781461

Target sites: infrastructure and animal care facilities

Complementary product

This product is complementary with our TRAPPER MC glue traps in order to capture parasites.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liam Johnson

Je suis tr�s satisfait de ce moniteur TRAPPER pour surveiller les insectes dans ma maison. C'est facile � utiliser et � entretenir, et il a attrap� plusieurs insectes ind�sirables depuis que je l'ai mis en place.

Juliette Rousseau

Bon produit afin de capturer les souris et les cafards tout en restant subtile

Liam Rodriguez

Very good for prevention!

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