What is a monthly salary?

A monthly treatment is a recurring protection by our teams of experts in your establishment. In short, every month, technicians travel to the premises of your establishment to inspect the building against all kinds of parasites. Depending on the situation, they apply certain traps and products to prevent the infestations to which you are most at risk. This allows you to have peace of mind. Always on a monthly basis, professionals will come to refresh the products to ensure continuous protection and will carry out a complete treatment if necessary. All in the greatest discretion.


A collaboration with Solution Cimex Inc.

Its owner, Martin Beaudry, has himself been confronted with several infestations as a building owner. He fully understands the stress and costs that this situation can cause, including for tenants. This is why he created Solution Cimex, an eco-responsible company that has guaranteed you professional work at a competitive price since 2014.