Extermination Products in Calgary

In the city of Calgary, invasions of flying insects can cause disaster. Wasps, hornets, mosquitoes and flies have a tendency to become embedded in properties. Especially good summer. At L'Exterminateur en Ligne, we provide you with various products intended to prevent and get rid of these pests. Here are a few.

Disposable and reusable traps

Our store has different ranges of traps for flying insects. Disposable or reusable, these devices are very effective. They are accompanied by a liquid acting as bait which will attract hornets, wasps or flies. Once these insects are attracted, they will drown in this liquid.

Our flagship models are the RESCUE. They are sold with a powdered bait that you mix with water to obtain the liquid mixture. This bait is effective for several weeks straight before being replaced. For disposable devices, you do not need to throw away the liquid. You completely change the bag with the remains of insects trapped in it.

Light traps

Light traps are particularly effective in attracting and eliminating flying insects. These devices emit ultraviolet light produced by a fluorescent black light lamp. This radiation is harmless to humans. On the other hand, it attracts a wide variety of flying insects. When insects enter the device, they are immediately electrocuted. A current of up to 4,000 V passes through their body. A tray is placed at the bottom to collect the remains of insects.

One of our models currently available in our store is the FLINTROL 8240. This is a wall-mounted device that is 62 cm long and approximately 20 cm high. It weighs just over 3 kg and has a 25 W lamp. It is effective against mosquito flies and various other flying insects.

Insecticides and sprays

We also sell different insecticides and sprays to eliminate flying insects. Our ONGUARD models act as both repellents and lethal devices for insects. These sprays are sprayed on areas favored by flying insects. They will eliminate flies, wasps and hornets. They are also effective against ants, fleas, crickets and cockroaches.

For its part, DOKTOR DOOM is intended to destroy the nests of wasps and hornets. This insecticide is to be sprayed on the nests and instantly kills the entire colony down to the larvae.