Extermination Products in Kitchener

Overcoming an invasion of pests is a real problem when there are too many pests. Kitchener, as a densely populated city, can suffer from infestations of all kinds. If you are faced with this problem, know that we sell smart products and devices that are both sophisticated and efficient.

Victor Smart-Kill Electronic Mouse and Rat Trap

This is a device where rodents enter through a one-way tunnel. As soon as mice or rats enter far enough, they are immediately electrocuted by a system integrated into the box. In a fraction of a second, the rodent dies without suffering.

But how is he “intelligent”? In fact, this device can be connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. It notifies you when it has a new socket, which allows you to take measurements without having to regularly check the contents of the box.

To do this, a specific application must be installed on your mobile device. It allows you to configure your different traps if you have several. You can even give each of them a name to better differentiate them.

Cleaning this trap is easy and installing new bait is just as easy. Its overall use is also very simple. Plus, you don't have to worry about your safety when handling it. A switch allows you to deactivate the electrocution system.

GreenStrike mosquito repellent device

The second product that we will present to you is an intelligent mosquito repellent device. Coming from the Greenstrike brand, this device is designed not to eliminate adult mosquitoes, but only to prevent eggs from hatching.

How does it work? The device is placed in a location conducive to the presence of mosquitoes. This could be at the edge of a pond or near a bush. He will then create an artificial breeding zone so that female mosquitoes lay their eggs nearby. Thanks to its integrated technology, it will prevent them from hatching.

After a while, the number of mosquito larvae will significantly decrease. Consecutively, new adult mosquitoes will also decrease in number. You will then notice after a few days that the bites caused by these parasites will have decreased.

For your information, this device does not contain any aggressive chemical agents. It can be used in the great outdoors with complete peace of mind without fear of damaging the surrounding fauna or flora. It runs on AA batteries.