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MAX-CATCH, Sticky Trap for Insects and Mice

MAX-CATCH, Sticky Trap for Insects and Mice

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Max-CATCH professional sticky trap for mice, rats, ants, cockroaches and other pests. This hatch represents one of the best adhesive formulas available and has a large adhesive surface of 30 square inches. It gives off an odor which attracts parasites, which makes it ideal for catching or detecting parasites which, guided by the odor, will insert themselves there.

Perforated to place against baseboards to secure traps and prevent them from slipping or moving.

Foldable into a tunnel shape for use in tight or dusty areas. IPM map printed on the back.

Effective against the parasites below:

Crawling insects, mice, rats, ants, cockroaches (cockroaches) and other pests

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MAX-CATCH, Sticky Trap for Insects and Mice

Additional information

Mice and insects

Disposable cardboard

The low profile of these glue boards allows for easy, non-toxic placement. Lays flat or can be folded to protect from falling objects and dust

Peanut butter flavor



Sold as: BOX

Unit of measurement: BX (box)

ID: 787099

Size: 10.125" x 4.04"

Complementary product

It can also be flattened in our protective boxes to stop rodents and other pests.

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