Extermination Products in Los Angeles

A pest infestation is always stressful, unpleasant, even unbearable. We understand it! This is why we want to help you get rid of these animals for good. To do this, we offer you a wide range of pest extermination products. We also work with pest management experts if professional intervention is necessary. Discover the details on our offers!

Who are we ?

At L'Exterminateur en Ligne, we specialize in the sale of pest extermination products. The founder of our company is aware of the scourge that a pest infestation represents.

In fact, his father was once the owner of income properties. Some of its buildings have been affected by pest invasions. He then called in professionals to resolve the problems. Unfortunately, some interventions have failed. This is how he came up with the idea of ​​creating his pest management company. Later, he passed his passion on to his son. This one, of course, followed in his footsteps. He obtained certification in the field. Then, he created the company, in a spirit of innovation.

To date, we are among the leaders in this sector of activity. We are a Quebec company. However, our presence extends as far as the United States, particularly in Los Angeles.

What are our products and services?

You will find in our catalog products intended to eradicate all types of parasites. Among them, rodents, wild animals, birds, bed bugs and even mosquitoes. For example, we offer you equipment such as:

  • Glue traps;
  • Bait stations;
  • Rat/mouse traps;
  • Wasp traps with bait;
  • Flying insect traps.

We also have the following products:

  • Insecticidal soap;
  • Insecticidal soap;
  • Animal repellents;
  • A barrier against mosquitoes.

There are even backpack sprayers for professionals.

A wide choice of pest extermination products

We offer many premium quality pest extermination products. We invite you to visit our website to discover all our offers. Check out the explanatory videos to understand how they work. Also, contact us by phone if you need support in choosing the right product. We are available 24/7. Finally, we advise you to subscribe to our newsletter. We regularly run promotions and sometimes send mystery offers by email.