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TERRO, Liquid Ant Bait Based on Borax (Pack of 6)

TERRO, Liquid Ant Bait Based on Borax (Pack of 6)

6 Borax-based bait stations

The entire colony dies within two weeks

Eliminates ants with a baiting formula

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Effective against the parasites below:

All common ant species

  • 6 convenient, ready-to-use bait stations with fast-acting formula.
  • This liquid ant bait station kills all common household ants and can be used indoors or outdoors. 5.40% decaffeinated sodiu

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TERRO, Liquid Ant Bait Based on Borax (Pack of 6)

  • 6 convenient, ready-to-use bait stations with fast-acting formula.
  • This liquid ant bait station kills all common household ants and can be used indoors or outdoors. 5.40% decaffeinated sodium tetraborate
  • Place baits near ant trails or where ants are numerous. Use all 6 baits to ensure enough supply for the ants
  • Patented design eliminates handling of chemicals and prevents bait from drying out
  • Contains borax

How does the trap work?

It's a bait product, so initially you're going to see more ants. Here's why, as ants search for food, they are attracted to liquid ant bait. Once the searcher ants find the liquid bait, they consume it and drop what is called a "trail pheromone" into the nest that lets all other ants know the location of the food supply. This is why you will first see more ants when using liquid ant baits.

Although the active ingredient in the bait will kill the worker ant, it slowly interferes with the ants digestive system, so that the worker has time to return and share the ant bait with the rest of the colony . This slow killing is necessary to give the food ants time to make several trips to the bait and deliver enough bait to the rest of the colony. This is the only way to get rid of the ants you see and the ants you don't.

As this is a bait product, it is important to eliminate all other food sources in the area. This will ensure that the ants are not tempted to eat anything other than the liquid bait (deadly). The liquid ant bait station should be left as intact as possible while the ants are feeding on it.

Where to Place Ant Bait Stations

Simply place liquid ant bait stations near ant trails or areas where ants are numerous. It's also a good idea to stop ants in their tracks by placing additional bait stations anywhere ants may try to infiltrate your home. For best results, use all six bait stations to ensure enough supply for unsuspecting ants to feast.

Keep an eye on the bait stations to monitor activity, but resist the temptation to interfere when you see the ants coming swarming to feast on the bait. Your patience will pay off as you watch your ant infestation diminish and then disappear.

If necessary, replace with additional bait stations when the first set runs out. Once your ant problem is under control, replace the bait stations every three months to prevent ants from returning to your home.

    Model# TERRO-FOUR-NO
    For use Against Ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, odorous ants, acrobat ants, field ants, crazy ants, mushroom ants, silver ants, harvester ants and other types of ants
    Classification Indoor and outdoor ant bait station
    Materials Plastic, borax
    Ideal Locations At first a large number of ants will be attracted by the bait, then they will gradually disappear. Terro insecticides only act when the workers have carried the bait into the nest. The entire colony usually dies within two weeks. Use it along baseboards and wall gaps. Near food sources. Place the product where you observe ants; they will carry the bait into their nest. It is crucial not to kill the ants and let them carry the bait into their nest. Inside and outside
    Features 6 bait stations, Borax: 5.40%, the key to obtaining effective control is to monitor the baits to ensure a continuous supply of the product on them.


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    TERRO, Liquid Ant Bait Based on Borax (Pack of 6)

    Additional information

    Pre-filled bait stations

    Kills all common household ants

    No drips, spills or messes

    Active ingredient: borax (5.4%)


    Sold as: Package

    Active ingredient: Borax

    Unit: PK (package)

    ID: 797942

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