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FLINTROL 8240, light trap for flies

FLINTROL 8240, light trap for flies

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For continuous control of flying insects.


The brilliant ultraviolet light emitted by the Flintrol unit is produced by a black light fluorescent lamp internally coated with a phosphor mixture. Harmless to the human eye, this light is most attractive to the widest range of phototropic (light-sensitive) flying insects. Bright etched anodized aluminum reflector increases UV light intensity while maximizing electromagnetic energy.


Upon entering the unit, flying insects are electrocuted by a charged grid, dehydrating and killing the insect instantly. Using standard 120 volts, a transformer inside the unit multiplies the voltage approximately 35 times, giving the mains a controlled current of 4,000 volts, but only 9 milliamps.

Catches and contains:

A splash-proof collection tray containing insect remains is included. This tray eliminates the risk of product contamination in any food processing or preparation area. A micro switch automatically shuts off the units power source when the tray or protective screen is removed for cleaning or lamp replacement.

Model 8240 Features:

  • Small Economy Wall Mount Unit
  • A straight 25 watt lamp
  • Drip tray protected by a microswitch
  • Size: 62cm x 11.5cm x 20.5cm (24-1/2" × 4-1/2" × 8")
  • Weight: 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs.
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FLINTROL 8240, light trap for flies

Additional information

It is recommended that the UV bulbs be changed annually to ensure maximum lamp efficiency.

Power: 25W

Voltage: 120V


Sold as: EACH

Unit: EA (each)

ID: 805212

Complementary product

This product is stand-alone and does not require any specific complementary product. On the other hand, in the event of a major infestation, our products against flying insects can be very useful.

Customer Reviews

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Ethan Chartrand

Tr�s efficace pour attirer et �liminer les insectes volants sensibles � la lumi�re.

Lucas Martin

À essayer dans les restaurants! J'ai acheter cette machine lumineuse puisque j'avais beaucoup de mouche en cuisine... Maintenant, j'en ai rajouter une deuxième, et c'est très rare que je vois des mouches dans ma cuisine et dans la salle à manger!

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