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ENVIROLIGHTS JR STEALTH , light to attract flies

ENVIROLIGHTS JR STEALTH , light to attract flies

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This professional, silent and easy to maintain light trap easily attracts light-sensitive flying insects to trap them on a concealed glue board. One glue board is provided and others can be sold separately. Replace them as needed based on insect activity. The FlyLight works best when there are no competing light sources. This unit uses two 18″ 25W safety coated UV bulbs which should be changed annually. It can be wall mounted or table mounted.

Dust-protected glue trap easily hides trapped flies.

Dimensions: Width 21″ x Height 7.75″ x Depth 5″

Fly Light Jr comes with two bulbs and a glue board.

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ENVIROLIGHTS JR STEALTH , light to attract flies

Additional information

The FlyLight Jr. is a commonly used light in the pest control industry. Equipped with two 25 watt bulbs, it easily attracts flies.

This lamp uses a large glue board that flies stick to when attracted. One glue plate is included and others are sold separately, these are replaced as needed depending on fly activity.

Fly lights work best at night when there are no competing light sources.

The FlyLight Jr. does an excellent job of maintaining flying insect populations in kitchens, warehouses, restaurants, and any other location that is plagued by a flying insect problem.


UV light attracts light-sensitive flying insects.

Traps flying insects on a glue strip when entering the fly light.

Additional glue boards and lights can be purchased separately.

Sold as: EACH

Unit: EA (each)

Target pests: flying insects

ID: 791311

Target sites: commercial structures (indoors), industrial sites

Complementary product

This product is complementary with our FLYLIGHT JR glue panels in order to replace the old ones with new panels.

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