RESCUES, disposable wasp trap

RESCUES, disposable wasp trap

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WHAT IT CATCHES: This disposable trap is effective at targeting and trapping all major species of yellowjacket wasps found in North America. The insects simply follow their instincts, enter the trap and drown in the liquid inside.

How it works: Like our reusable trap, the RESCUE!® Disposable Wasp Trap contains the same powerful attractant plus a convenient disposable bag for ease and convenience. Simply add water to activate the powder attractant - insects simply won't be able to resist its bait.

Packing together unique features and benefits, the integrated attractant catches multiple species. Attractiveness lasts for weeks, with no rebaiting necessary.

What kills insects? : Once inside the trap, the yellow jacket wasps drown in the water.

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RESCUES, disposable wasp trap

Additional information

Decoy to eliminate yellow jacket wasps. This disposable trap targets and traps all large yellow jacket wasp species found east of the Rocky Mountains in North America.

More effective in summer:

This trap is most effective during the summer months when the weather is hot and dry.

Easy to use :

Just add water to activate the powder attractant and hang the trap outdoors. The attractant lasts for weeks and no re-baiting is necessary. Once used up, throw it in the trash. The attractant in this model is specially formulated to lure yellow jacket wasp species found in the states is the Rocky Mountains.

Made in the USA

At RESCUE, the goal is to design and manufacture the safest and most effective pest control solutions available.


Sold as: Box

Unit: CS (box)

Target pests: common yellowjackets, German yellowjackets, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets

ID: 785122

Target sites: animal and animal care facilities, commercial structures, commercial exteriors and interiors, manufacturing and food processing plants, food service establishments, forest and woodland management areas, greenhouses, industrial sites, residential areas

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