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Flybuster Outdoor Fly Trap and Attractant 250G

Flybuster Outdoor Fly Trap and Attractant 250G

Easy to use

Bacteria-free, non-toxic and organic

Attracts and traps flies for 30 days

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Effective against the parasites below:

Flies, mosquitoes and certain other unwanted flying insects

Say goodbye to pests with the FlyBuster commercial fly trap!

Designed to provide an effective solution against flies, this revolutionary trap is your first s

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Flybuster Outdoor Fly Trap and Attractant 250G

Say goodbye to pests with the FlyBuster commercial fly trap!

Designed to provide an effective solution against flies, this revolutionary trap is your first step towards a pest-free environment. Whether in your garden, your terrace or near your commercial space, FlyBuster acts as a guardian, attracting flies with its unique bait and then trapping them. No more interrupted lunches and wasted moments of relaxation; with FlyBuster, enjoy every moment with complete peace of mind.


Install the traps practically 15m from each other around the entire perimeter of the area to be protected and 10/15m from the same area or the same building, at a height of approximately 1.5m from the ground (indeed , flies generally fly between 0.80 m and 2 m from the ground). Pour a bottle of Flybuster organic bait solution into each trap, then add 4 liters of water. the bait is active for more than a month, depending on the surrounding temperature.

Flybuster Commercial Fly Trap and Attractant 250G

How it works ?

During the day, flies stay inside sheds and buildings to find food (manure, fodder and organic substances in general), while at night they come out of these structures to find ideal conditions to rest . By changing location from day to night, flies are attracted by the smell of the bait entering the buckets with the special patented "unidirectional" cones that do not allow the flies to escape, causing them to die inside .

Benefits of the Flybuster Trap

- Effective: reduces flies by up to 80% / 90%

- Environmentally friendly (green): no environmental impact, no disposal problem, non-toxic

- Economical: costs less than other systems used today (insecticides, larvicides, chemical baits, etc.)

-Easy to use: requires no work, as it is ready to use

Model# TRAP-MOUC-NON-250-1
For use Against Common nuisance flies; hundreds of the most common species, such as house flies, false stable flies, blue and green flies, flesh flies, face flies and many others (Black fly, Blue fly, Cluster fly , Discharge fly, Face fly, Flesh flies, Flesh flies, Flies, Green fly, House fly, Latrine fly, Small dung fly, Small house fly, Stable fly)
Classification Outdoor fly trap
Materials Plastic, lure
Ideal Locations Use in gardens, parks, outdoor yards and campgrounds, barns, stables or dumpsters to keep flies away from livestock or work areas
Features Add water and let the mixture ferment for 24 hours, Attracts flies for 30 days, Capacity of 2,000,000 flies, Capacity: 10 L, Safe for animals, children and adults, Does not contain any bacteria that promote reproduction of animal proteins or toxic insecticides,

Flybuster Outdoor Fly Trap and Attractant 250G

Additional information

-Flybuster is the safest and most effective fly control system on the market.

-It is an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods of eliminating flies.

-The trap is a plastic container with a patented one-way lid designed to allow flies to easily enter while preventing their escape.

-The bait is composed of fermented yeasts and additives approved for use in the food industry. It does not contain insecticides and is completely harmless to the environment, animals and humans.

-The trap will last 60 days or until full. A commercial trap can catch up to two million flies.


Product: FlyBuster Commercial Fly Trap

Effectiveness: Highly effective trap, capable of capturing large numbers of flies

Application: Ideal for outdoor areas, gardens, patios, and commercial spaces

Special Features: Contains a unique bait that attracts flies without using harmful chemicals

Durability: Designed for extended use, easy to install and maintain

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