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EZ SNAP, mouse trap

EZ SNAP, mouse trap

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Discover the simplest pressure trap system for rodent monitoring on the market.

This EZ Snap® Mouse Trap uses the science of rodent behavior to maximize the speed and efficiency of rodent interaction with the station. Easily set up and secure internal pressure traps and let Science guide rodents to the targeted area.

This professional EZ SNAP Box for catching mice is safe for children and pets.

Two hatches included inside the box as well as a system of colored tabs indicating when there is a mouse inside.

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EZ SNAP, mouse trap

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Key points:

Uses the science of "flow" of force to maximize entry speed.

The open floor and angled guide wall at the entrance allow the rodent's head to enter the station while its feet remain on familiar ground.

The guide wall prevents rodents from going behind the station, leading them inside instead.

Once the rodent is inside the station, it encounters a clear, shatterproof center wall that provides air circulation and clear view to the opposite side of the station.

When the rodent is forced to stop at the center wall, a trailing light at the front of the station pulls it over the engagement wall, dropping it directly into the target area.

Two removable American-made snap traps are securely mounted inside the station with an exclusive locking mechanism, which reduces accidental displacement and allows for easy cleaning or replacement.

Built-in snap traps allow full spring force to be used during the kill

Equipped with two two-color EZ Set indicator clips to allow the user to safely place the traps outdoors and clearly show when the traps have been triggered. The indicator link is yellow when set and black when triggered.

The durable, low-profile construction is designed to withstand impact and protect the snap traps from children and pets.

Constructed with a sturdy locking mechanism that keeps the station secure while remaining easy to open and maintain.

Durable, 100% made in the USA from recycled plastic.


Sold as: Box

Unit: CS (box)

Target pests: House mice, rats and mice

ID: 796447

Target Sites: Animal facilities and animal care, commercial exteriors and interiors, greenhouses, industrial sites, residential areas, residential exteriors and interiors, residential structures

Complementary product

It is necessary to have Pro-Pest in order to attract rodents to the station.

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