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BEAPCO, bed bug power bar

BEAPCO, bed bug power bar

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Bed bug detection can be tricky, but with the Bed Bug Power Bar , you can discreetly prevent, monitor, and detect bed bugs in your home or office. Since bed bugs are naturally attracted to heat sources be it your body, electrical sources or otherwise, the BEAPCO Bed Bug Power Bar and Trap generates heat with a built-in heater of 9V while having a glue trap inside.

This is designed to lure bedbugs out of their hiding places and into the replaceable glue cartridges. This allows you to locate the bed bug problem for proper eradication treatment.

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BEAPCO, bed bug power bar

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Completely discreet and effective bed bug monitoring and prevention allowing you to immediately detect bed bugs lurking in your hotel, motel or rental property.

Proven to catch 9 times more bed bugs than traditional glue traps!

How it works:

1. Open the surge protector by pressing the button on the front. Raise.

2. Peel off the backing paper on the glue strip before use.

3. Close the trap and plug it into the wall.

4. Enable the surge protector.

5. The built-in heat source and "human scent" lure will attract bed bugs which will then climb into the trap where they will be trapped on the replaceable glue cartridges.

6. Frequently monitor the bed bug trap and replace the glue cartridge after 90 days or when bed bugs are trapped.


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It may be worth getting a bed bug insecticide like DX13 if a presence is detected.

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