Our monthly treatment offer

Our monthly treatment is recurring protection by our teams of experts in your establishment. In short, every month, technicians travel to the premises of your establishment to inspect the building against all kinds of parasites. Depending on the situation, they apply certain traps and products to prevent the infestations to which you are most at risk. This allows you to have peace of mind. Always on a monthly basis, professionals will come to refresh the products to ensure continuous protection and will carry out a complete treatment if necessary. All in the greatest discretion.

The goal of a monthly treatment

Monthly pest management treatments are an effective method of controlling infestations of pests such as mice, rats, insects and other pests. These treatments consist of applying chemicals or non-toxic methods to eliminate the parasites and prevent their reappearance.

Is it useful for my situation?

Monthly pest management treatments can be especially helpful for businesses that have recurring pest problems, such as restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, and food processing plants. Monthly treatments can help maintain a clean and safe work environment for employees and customers, while preventing financial loss from pest damage. It can also be very relevant to opt for a monthly treatment at home to prevent infestations from occurring.

Who can perform a monthly treatment?

Monthly treatments can be done by pest management professionals who have extensive knowledge of different pest species and proper treatment methods. Professionals can also assess infestation levels and recommend adequate treatments to eliminate pests effectively and sustainably.

It's important to note that monthly pest management treatments aren't just about spraying chemicals. In fact, many pest management professionals favor non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods to minimize the effects on the environment and human health. Non-toxic methods can include mouse and rat traps, natural insect repellents, or preventative techniques such as fixing water leaks and removing sources of food and shelter for pests. .

We will be happy to answer your questions and do not hesitate to contact us to opt for our monthly processing service.

In short

In short, monthly pest management treatments are an effective way to fight against pest infestations and prevent their reappearance. Pest management professionals can help assess infestation levels and recommend appropriate treatments to maintain a clean and safe living and working environment for everyone. It is also important to note that non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods are increasingly common in the pest management industry to minimize the effects on the environment and human health.

Solution Cimex, L'exterminateur en ligne

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Its owner, Martin Beaudry, has himself been confronted with several infestations as a building owner. He fully understands the stress and costs that this situation can cause, including for tenants. This is why he created Solution Cimex , an eco-responsible company that has guaranteed you professional work at a competitive price since 2014.