Extermination products in Quebec

Rats and mice are among the most common pests in large cities. Quebec City is not spared. If you are facing this problem in your home, don't panic. At L'Exterminateur en Ligne, we sell a whole range of products to fight against these rodents. In this article, we will talk in detail about a very effective device to overcome this: traps.

How does a mouse and rat trap work?

Here is the essential thing to know about the mouse and rat trap:

  • It consists of a metal bar connected to a spring. This bar is naturally curved on itself, in a folded position;
  • To prepare the trap, the bar is pulled to the other side of the mechanism, thereby tensioning the spring. A hook or similar mechanism holds the bar in a taut position to prevent it from closing prematurely;
  • Bait is placed on the trap. It is often placed high up to encourage the rodent to stand on its hind legs while trying to reach the food;
  • When a mouse or rat approaches to eat the bait, its weight puts pressure on the area where the bait is placed. This pressure releases the hook that holds the bar taut;
  • The bar, released from spring tension, quickly folds back to its initial position. As a result, it captures the mouse or rat with enough force to kill it instantly.

Are rodent traps really effective?

Mouse traps have been around for decades, even centuries. If they have enjoyed such longevity, it is in particular thanks to their effectiveness. In fact, these devices are triggered very quickly, which does not give rodents time to escape.

They also have the advantage of not causing rats and mice to suffer, unlike poisons. In addition, they are almost infinitely reusable. On the other hand, each type of rodent has a well-defined trap. A device intended for mice will be ineffective against rats, given the difference in size.

Our different mouse and rat traps

At L'Exterminateur en Ligne, our models have been revisited in terms of design to be more compact, but still more effective. Here are some of the hatches available on our online store:

  • T-REX mouse trap;
  • T-REX rat trap;
  • JAWZ professional mouse trap;
  • JAWZ professional rat trap.