Extermination Products in Hamilton

Do you live in Hamilton and are facing a pest infestation? At L'Exterminateur en Ligne, we offer sales services for products and devices to solve your problems. Discover the different ranges available from us.

Products against rats and mice

These are the most common and devastating pests in a home. Here is the list of products and devices that we sell to exterminate them:

  • Hatches: T-REX, JAWZ;
  • Sticky hatches: MAXCATCH;
  • Baits: ProPest, MHOUSE;
  • Gels for rodents: PROVOKE.

Products against flying insects

If you have an infestation of wasps, hornets, flies or mosquitoes, here are the products we offer:

  • Light traps for flies: FLINTROL 8240, ENVIROLIGHTS JR STEALTH;
  • Fly traps: TERRO, CATCHMASTER;
  • Liquid bait: RESCUE! ;
  • Rechargeable and disposable wasp traps: RESCUE! ;
  • Spray and insecticide: ONGUARD;
  • Flying insect traps: TITAN.

Products against wild animals

If you fear that wild animals will invade your home, we have different devices to deter and capture them easily and safely:

  • Cages for animals of different sizes: TOMAHAWK, HAVAHART EASY SET, RHINO PROCHUTE;
  • Skunk traps: ANSWER PRO;
  • One-way doors for birds: RHINO PROCHUTE;
  • Animal repellents: KONK;
  • Anti-odor bag: EARTHCARE.

Products against various insects

Bedbugs, cockroaches and ants are small pests that can be annoying, especially when there are too many of them in a home. Here are the products we offer to get them out of your home:

  • Various covers to protect the mattress, pillows and box spring against bedbugs: PROTECT-A-BED;
  • Bedbug traps: SENSCI VOLCANO, BEDMOAT;
  • Anti-bedbug spray: DX-13, ONGUARD;
  • Household liquid insecticide: ONGUARD;
  • Professional sticky trap for cockroaches: MAX-CATCH;
  • Jelly ant bait: GREEN WAY, TRAPPER MC;
  • Crawling insect destroyer: INSECT STOP;
  • Backpack hand sprayer: MASTERLINE, FLOWZONE;
  • Ant bait station: ANTS-NO-MORE;
  • All-in-one kits for ants, cockroaches and bedbugs