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Trapper, 24/7 Multi-Catch Mouse Trap MC2470

Trapper, 24/7 Multi-Catch Mouse Trap MC2470

Can capture up to 100 insects

Non-lethal mouse trap

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Effective against the parasites below:

Mice, unwanted crawling insects, rodents

Includes a FREE Catchmaster 72TC Sticky Hatch!

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Trapper, 24/7 Multi-Catch Mouse Trap MC2470

Includes a FREE Catchmaster 72TC Sticky Hatch!

A stylish and professional-looking multi-catch mouse trap, TRAPPER 24/7 combines functionality and style in a multi-catch mouse trap. It is ideal for monitoring and/or trapping and is effective for both mice and insects. This popular trap is made with strong, impact-resistant material that can withstand many everyday collisions. Its durable plastic construction is designed for long life and will not rust. The rounded interior walls allow faster cleaning. TRAPPER 24/7 requires no winding. The trapping mechanism provides unparalleled catch rates compared to other multi-catch traps. 

Model# TRAPP-RONG-NO-24/7
For use Against Mice, Field mice, Gerbils, Muss, Other small rodents, Crawling insects such as ants, Cockroaches, Cockroaches, Cockroaches, Spiders, Silverfish, Woodlice, Beetles, Bedbugs, Weevils
Classification Non-lethal mouse or insect capture station with sticky trap
Materials Rigid plastic
Ideal Locations Places where you see signs of presence, Attic/roof, Near plumbing, Near areas containing food, Basement, along walls
Features Mouse trap offering a non-lethal or lethal solution, depending on the use of a sticky trap, can also be used to trap insects. Reusable and with rounded walls for efficient cleaning.

Trapper, 24/7 Multi-Catch Mouse Trap MC2470

Additional information

A horizontal sliding lid design provides greater control during servicing. A tinted top allows for side or overhead viewing with a flashlight. Ventilation holes along the base provide ideal entry points for insects and virtually eliminate condensation buildup.


Sold as: Individually

Target pests: rats and mice

ID number: 781458

Target sites: Residential and commercial interiors/exteriors

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