Extermination products in Ottawa–Gatineau

To get rid of a pest infestation, it is often essential to have the right equipment. At L'Exterminateur en Ligne, we sell different ranges of equipment that can help you handle products safely.


The sprayers can be used by both professionals and individuals. They are useful for spreading liquid products on infested areas. We have, among others, the MASTERLINE which is a device with a 15 liter tank. The pump's power can generate pressure up to 168 psi.

We also have the TYPHOON sprayer which is an electric model with a 5.2 Ah Li-Ion battery. Its autonomy goes beyond 3 hours. Jet pressure ranges from 8 to 115 psi. Very portable and easy to use, this sprayer can act as a pressure washer when not in use against pests.

Anti-odor bag

During an infestation of pests such as rodents, the smell of dead rats and their feces can be unbearable in the home. Thanks to our anti-odor bags, you can get rid of them quickly. To do this, simply place the bags in the areas where the odor is strongest. The contents of the bags are biodegradable and non-toxic.

One of our flagship models is the EARTH CARE which can eliminate any foul odor in less than 24 hours. These bags pose no danger to pets or children.

Protective gloves

When handling insecticides or traps, it is essential to always wear a pair of protective gloves. This ensures that your hands don't get dirty with chemicals that could make you sick. Our nitrile gloves are both thin to offer hand agility, and resistant against corrosive products.

The gloves are made without rubber proteins. Thus, they do not cause allergies for sensitive people. Our gloves are sold in packs of 100 pairs and are disposable after one use.

Protection's mask

We also offer protective masks for those who use vaporizers and sprayers. The fine particles emanating from products can be inhaled if you are in direct contact with the air. These masks with 3M approved filters are very effective in trapping impurities in the air.

Our masks are also very versatile. In fact, you can use them in other applications, including painting, welding and construction sites. They are made of soft material that provides optimal comfort for the face.