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Protecta Evo Express Outdoor Rodent Station

Protecta Evo Express Outdoor Rodent Station

Strength and weight suitable for outdoor installation

Safe for children

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Effective against the parasites below:

Mice, rats, unwanted rodents

With Protecta EVO® EXPRESS™, users will spend much less time creating a trap network and maintaining bait stations.

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Protecta Evo Express Outdoor Rodent Station

With Protecta EVO® EXPRESS™, users will spend much less time creating a trap network and maintaining bait stations.

The extra time can be used to better inspect and assess rodent activity, implement exclusion measures, or simply improve product profitability.

Protecta EVO Express Bait Station is a versatile bait station for rodents. Protecta EVO Express Bait Station combines a unique locking mechanism, an internal built-in concrete weight, and a removable tray with locking rods that won't fall out. The use of a single key allows for quick servicing and maintenance.

For use Against Mice, Rats, Field mice, Gerbils, Muss, Other small rodents
Classification Outdoor rodent station
Materials Plastic, concrete, metal
Ideal Locations Places where you see signs of presence, where you see that rodents can enter, near building entrances (along walls), always place station holes along exterior walls
Features Outdoor rodent bait station (mice and rats), contains a concrete block, comes with a key, contains rods to insert the rodenticide blocks


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Protecta Evo Express Outdoor Rodent Station

Additional information

Fast :

The unique locking mechanism allows for quick maintenance combined with a station strong enough to provide a high level of tamper-proofing. Contains 4 vertical bait stations that can accommodate locking rods that won't fall out during cleaning and a removable tray with rounded corners for quick station maintenance.

Multiple anchor options:

The EXPRESS™ provides a secure station with a professional appearance. It comes pre-installed with a completely enclosed concrete block, with no bolts or screws to break or crack. The station also has a hole in the base for use with duckbill anchors and holes in the back for attaching to a fence line.

Tamper proof for children and dogs:

The station is only accessible once it has been opened with the key. Ramp entries and baffles keep baits and traps out of reach of children and non-target wildlife for peace of mind.

Versatile :

Priming or trapping, the EXPRESS™ offers multiple options to meet everyone's needs. It can hold 2 T-Rex Rat Traps, 2 Mini-Rex Mouse Traps, up to 8 bait blocks or a combination of these options to best suit your needs.

Other Features:

Made from 100% recycled and durable injection molded plastic
Key location guide; the symmetrical key is automatically oriented in the lock
Ramp entry keeps bait dry in water-prone areas
Bell Barcode Sticker comes pre-installed and ready to use with tracking software
Rear mounting holes allow the station to be secured to a fence
Opening on the bottom for use with a duckbill anchor or used as a drainage hole to drain excess water.
Locking area for stacking stations securely


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Complementary product

This box must be used with T-REX or MINI REX hatches. It is also beneficial to have Pro-Pest as bait.

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