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Beapco Premium Bed Bug Kit

Beapco Premium Bed Bug Kit

Discreetly prevents and captures bedbugs

Reusable set for several years

Power strip for connecting up to 6 electrical wires

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Effective against the parasites below:


Our BEAPCO Complete Bed Bug Kit is the all-in-one solution for detecting and capturing bed bugs in your indoor environment.

This set includes a power bar that serves as a central trap, a CO2 generator

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Beapco Premium Bed Bug Kit

Our BEAPCO Complete Bed Bug Kit is the all-in-one solution for detecting and capturing bed bugs in your indoor environment.

This set includes a power bar that serves as a central trap, a CO2 generator that simulates human breathing to attract bedbugs, four sticky strips to effectively capture them, four BEAPCO attractants to enhance the attraction and two lures to maximize the chances of capture.

Designed to be used together, this kit creates a powerful protective zone around your bed or other furniture, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

Beapco Power Bar:

Detecting bed bugs can be difficult, but with the Bed Bug Power Bar , you can discreetly prevent, monitor and detect bed bugs in your home or office. Since bed bugs are naturally attracted to heat sources whether from your body, electrical or other sources, the BEAPCO Power Bar and Bed Bug Trap generate heat with a built-in heater of 9 V while having a glue trap inside.

This is designed to lure bed bugs out of their hiding places and into the replaceable glue cartridges. This allows you to locate the bed bug problem for proper eradication treatment.

Beapco co2 generator:

The BeapCo CO2 Bed Bug Detector contains everything you need to quickly detect the presence of bed bugs in your bed or furniture.

This CO2 trap mimics your sleeping body with an innovative CO2 generator and detection trap that actively attracts and traps bedbugs by combining heat and CO2.

This tool helps you detect bed bugs at its earliest stage, essential for personal bed bug monitoring.

Fill the CO2 generator with water and attach it to the detection trap. Place the heating pad on the detection trap to simulate the human body. The textured rubberized outer edge helps insects easily climb into the trap and get stuck on the glue pad at the bottom.

Beapco sticky tape:

For use with power bar. BEAPCO's replaceable glue cartridge for the Bed Bug Detection Power Bar works with the trap's built-in heat and "human scent" attractant to trap bed bugs once they are lured out of their hiding places.

The deep inner channel and sticky adhesive prevent bed bugs from crawling out of the trap. It has been proven to catch 9 times more bed bugs than traditional glue traps!

A hidden “trap” for bedbugs.

Attractant for Beapco co2 generator:

Replacement attractants for the Beapco CO2 generator.

CO2 generator refills provide seven days of CO2 emissions each for active bed bug detection. These refills as well as the CO2 generator make the device three times more efficient. This works great in addition to the replaceable glue traps for the surge bar.

A great choice for those who want the best chance of catching bed bugs.

Beapco Bed Bug Lure:

This lure can be used with many bed bug repellent products. Simply follow the instructions to add a lure to your current trap to gain the benefits of active detection.

For use Against Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius), and crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, cockroaches, fleas.
Classification Bedbug Prevention and Capture Kit
Materials Plastic, lure, attractant
Ideal Locations The power strip must definitely be connected to an electrical outlet, near the footboards, near the walls next to the bed, near the bedside tables next to the bed, near the furniture (chairs, armchairs, sofas).
Features Captures bed bugs by mimicking CO2 emitted by humans, providing dual functionality as a trap and power bar for connecting up to 6 electrical wires. Discreet and reusable, this set is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals.

Beapco Premium Bed Bug Kit

Additional information

The set is designed for easy installation and long-term use.

The CO2 generator and BEAPCO attractants increase the effectiveness of the trap by imitating the signals that naturally attract bedbugs.

Sticky strips and lures are consumables and can be replaced as needed to maintain trap effectiveness.


Type of pest: Bedbugs

Products included: 1 power bar, 1 CO2 generator, 4 replacement sticky strips, 4 BEAPCO attractants, 2 lures

Use: Interior, particularly around rest areas

Non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals

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