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All-in-one cockroach set

All-in-one cockroach set

Eliminates and prevents cockroaches

Cockroaches die from dehydration

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Effective against the parasites below:

Cockroaches of all kinds

To learn more about each product, you can visit our Lexterminateurenligne YouTube channel or search for the product on our website.

Contains :


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Enhance your pest control strategy with our frequently purchased together solutions. Combine powerful extermination products for complete results, ensuring a pest-free environment. Optimize your approach for maximum effectiveness.

All-in-one cockroach set

To learn more about each product, you can visit our Lexterminateurenligne YouTube channel or search for the product on our website.

Contains :

12 MAX-CATCH, professional sticky traps

1 DOKTOR DOOM, diatomaceous earth 200g

1 JT EATON, insecticide powder

Max-catch sticky hatch:

Max-CATCH professional sticky trap for mice, rats, ants, cockroaches and other pests. This hatch represents one of the best adhesive formulas available and has a large adhesive surface of 30 square inches. It gives off an odor which attracts parasites, which makes it ideal for catching or detecting parasites which, guided by the odor, will insert themselves there.

Perforated to place against baseboards to secure traps and prevent them from slipping or moving.

Foldable into a tunnel shape for use in tight or dusty areas. IPM map printed on the back.

Doktor Doom Diatomaceous Earth:

Diatomaceous earth is a natural ingredient against which insects cannot become immune!

When the insect walks over a surface dusted with diatomaceous earth, it penetrates and cuts the waxy outer covering of the insect. The insect then dehydrates and eventually dies.

This is a very interesting ecological product!

Bottle: 200g

JT Eaton insecticide powder:

The JT Eaton Insecticide Powder is very effective in reaching cracks, cracks and crevices as well as correctly applying powdered pesticides.

Use with diatomaceous earth or boric acid powder.

Improved features for ease of use.

For use Against Cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches and all other crawling insects
Classification Cockroach set
Materials Cardboard, glue, plastic, diatomaceous earth, metal
Ideal Locations Sticky Trap: Places where you see signs of people, near plumbing, near places with food, along walls, in cabinets, in drawers, in the pantry. Diatomaceous Earth: Interior: Lightly apply product to spaces where insects are found, such as cracks, crevices, behind and under appliances, cabinets, sinks, trash cans, pipes and vents. drainage, as well as in attics and basements. Exterior: Spread the product around building foundations, window sills, door sills, patios, porches, along ant trails, around gardens, under hedges and shrubs.
Features You can use the insecticide powder to disperse the diatomaceous earth evenly in tight areas. Sticky trap: Highly adhesive trap, simple to install with clear instructions Diatomaceous earth: The product eliminates crawling insects in 48 hours. Insects will consume the diatomaceous earth powder, which will dry out their shells and kill them. The powder is odorless and does not discolor. Avoid all contact with eyes. Wash your hands after use.

All-in-one cockroach set

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L'exterminateurenligne has made available to you professional sets of our best products for each type of parasite. These sets provide more complete and unprecedented control of your infestation.

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