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DX-13, anti-bedbug spray (1)

DX-13, anti-bedbug spray (1)

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Effective against the parasites below:


Health Canada approved DX13™ bed bug spray in June 2013 for industrial and domestic uses.

The DX13™ is

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DX-13, anti-bedbug spray (1)

Health Canada approved DX13™ bed bug spray in June 2013 for industrial and domestic uses.

The DX13™ is used in hotels, private homes, apartments and government social housing projects. This product is ideal for use in multiple locations. it can be applied to mattresses, box springs, headboards, dressers, pillows, baseboards and under rugs.

DX13 Bed Bug Spray is an effective treatment for the long-term management of bed bugs.

(1 bottle)

DX-13, anti-bedbug spray (1)

Additional information

All natural, no toxins

Safe: No odors, no stains, no harmful additives, gloves are suggested but not required for application.

Works better and faster than most products on the market today.

Easy to use aerosol with applicator straw.

Reduces downtime and lost revenue for any commercial use where room inventory turnover is crucial, such as hotels.

DX13™ is a "must have" for hotels, condos, provincial subsidized housing authorities, apartment owners/operators, cruise ship operators, college residences, public transportation, retail stores to be used as a minimum operating standard for the prevention and eradication of bedbugs.

Data from the University of British Columbia clearly demonstrated horizontal transfer of DX13™ that was actively transferred from a single exposed bed bug to unexposed bed bugs in a concentrated fashion.

Reduce callbacks for pest control technicians with fast and effective results.

Tested by DE LABS and confirmed to be effective by a laboratory at the University of British Columbia by a team of leading entomologists.

Tested and approved by Sterling IAQ Consultants, an indoor air quality specialist, as safe to use.

Example: In a head-to-head competition at the University of British Columbia with the leading national bed bug eradication brand, DX13™ outperformed the other product by 36% over a period of 10 hours and 50% over a 24 hour period.


Sold as: EACH

Unit: EA (each)

Target pests: bed bugs

ID: 798815

Target sites: commercial structures (indoor), residential structures (indoor)

Complementary product

For effective protection, following a successful treatment, it can be very advantageous to protect yourself with covers and install Bed Moats.

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