Extermination Products in Vancouver

Rodents are among the pests that households and professionals in Vancouver often face. In order to solve this problem efficiently and quickly, we offer you different ranges of products. Discover our flagship solutions designed to eradicate them. You can then place an order.

Rat and mouse traps

Good old mouse traps are still just as effective against rodents. Our models have been revisited to feature a more modern and more compact design. Our traps activate with the slightest pull of the trigger and can trap rodents in a fraction of a second. We offer different models intended for rats or mice, their sizes being different. Our best-selling models include the JAWZ, MINI-REX and T-REX.

Professional sticky hatches

Sticky traps are adhesive devices meant to trap rodents when they step on them. These are strips of paper impregnated with glue that are placed on areas where rodents are likely to pass. It is possible to place bait there to more easily attract rats and mice. The MAX-CATCH and TRAPPER MC are among our best-selling models.


When you want to eliminate rodents, it is necessary to place bait on the traps. It may be convenient to use food, but we offer baits specially designed to effectively attract these little critters. The ProPest and M-HOUSE fulfill this role perfectly and are available in our store.

Mouse and rat traps

In addition to traps, there are various traps intended to trap rodents. There are, for example, the CATCHMASTER or the EZ-TRAP which are cages into which mice and rats enter without being able to escape. For this, the devices are equipped with a single-channel system. Once animals enter, the opening automatically closes to trap them. These traps are particularly effective at catching rodents alive.

Animal repellents

Once you've gotten rid of the infestation, it's time to take steps to prevent a recurrence. Repellents are the best suited devices for this. These are products that are poured or sprayed on possible entry areas for rodents to dissuade them from taking this route. Among our repellent products, we offer KONK which is also effective on wild animals.