Extermination Products in San Antonio

The presence of pests in a heavily populated area is generally unavoidable. These animals and insects tend to settle where human presence is conducive to their proliferation. Because San Antonio is a large city in Texas, these small animals can quickly infest homes and buildings in the area. We offer different solutions to get rid of these pests quickly and easily.

Products against rodents

If you notice the presence of rodents in your home, we offer you these different products and devices:

  • Professional rat traps;
  • Mouse traps;
  • Professional sticky hatches;
  • Different baits;
  • Mouse traps;
  • Giant Rat Glue Boards;
  • Anti-rodent copper nets;
  • Squirrel cages ;;
  • Pest monitors;
  • Organic vapor cartridges;
  • Odor-proof bags.

Products against wild animals

Wild animals can be considered pests. Indeed, they can kill domestic animals, ransack storage areas and storage rooms in search of food, or even attack the occupants of the house. You must therefore take measures to dissuade them from entering your property. Here are some of our products:

  • Cage with one-way door;
  • Skunk trap;
  • Trap for large animals;
  • Animal repellent;
  • One-way door for birds and large animals;
  • Sticky hatches.

Products against flying animals and insects

Flying animals, insects or birds can cause various damages to our property. They can infest in large numbers and are difficult to hunt. Here are our flagship products that we offer:

  • Fly traps;
  • Wasp traps;
  • Wasp and hornet nest annihilation product;
  • Pressurized domestic spray;
  • Light trap for flies;
  • Sticky trap for flies;
  • Reusable Japanese beetle traps;
  • Sticky traps against food moths;
  • Backpack sprayer;
  • Liquid bait for flies and wasps.

Products against parasites

Against infestations of parasites of all kinds, ranging from bedbugs to cockroaches, we also have different products that can help you get rid of them:

  • Waterproof covers for pillow, mattress and box spring, anti-mites, bedbugs and hypoallergenic;
  • Bedbug traps;
  • Jelly ant bait;
  • Product destroying crawling insects;
  • All-in-one cockroach kit.