Extermination Products in San Diego

Large cities are generally prone to various pest infestations. The city of San Diego is not spared from this problem. If you live there, you must surely be regularly confronted with this problem of pests. So which animals are most likely to disturb your peace? We take stock in this article.


These are rodents which tend to proliferate in rural and urban areas. They are particularly dangerous to the structure of the house. They chew electrical cables, pipes and make holes in the ceiling and wooden furniture. Furthermore, they reproduce quickly, which can accelerate the infestation in record time.

The mice

Mice are rodents similar to rats. However, they are smaller in size. The damage they are likely to cause is just as serious as that of rats. Their small size allows them to fit almost anywhere. In addition, they can be vectors of diseases that are relatively dangerous for humans.


Cockroaches are also called cockroaches. These are insects that are very often encountered in kitchens. They reproduce very quickly and can end up taking over the entire house. Cockroaches carry bacteria and allergens that can harm the health of the occupants of the house.


These are small insects that feed on human blood at night. Their bites cause itching and skin irritation. It is difficult to detect them. In fact, they only come out at night. During the day, they hide in mattresses and furniture upholstery. However, they have neither the ability to fly nor jump.


Fleas are commonly found on our pets. There is a risk that they will invade the house. Indeed, they feed on animal blood, and that of humans is no exception. Their bite causes intense itching. In some cases, they can be vectors of disease.

The ants

Generally speaking, ants are not dangerous to human health. But by getting into our homes, they can become annoying. They dig galleries in the walls and create real colonies. Some species also feed on wood. They eat away at structures such as beams and weaken the house.

Flying animals

This term encompasses a variety of flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and wasps. We can also include birds like pigeons. However, the latter are much more harmless. They can be annoying and, in some cases, transmit diseases.

The wild animals

Wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and foxes can become pests if they invade our homes or cause property damage. It is possible that they transmit diseases and become vectors of parasites.