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Harmful rodents in the house: what solutions to eradicate them?

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What are the problems related to rodents?

The presence of rodents such as brown rats, sewer rats or mice in a home can have serious consequences. First of all, these animals can transmit dangerous diseases to residents. In addition, their burrowing can cause significant damage to the foundations and partitions of the house, while their gnawing can damage furniture as well as electrical ducts and wires. As a result, it is crucial to take prompt action to eliminate these rodent pests. Here are some of our solutions to achieve this:

Using products from L’exterminateur en ligne

There are a variety of products designed to eliminate rats and mice. The professional bait is one of the most effective baits on the market, but its use must be combined with a mouse trap, since the bait only attracts the rodent, but the trap neutralizes it. You can consult our rodents section to benefit from the best specialized products against rodents .

Jaws Rodent Traps

How to prevent a rodent infestation?

To prevent the proliferation of harmful rodents, it is crucial to understand their lifestyle in order to minimize their presence. Norway rats, for example, prefer moist areas of the home where they can find a plant or meat food source, often in food storage areas. Sewer rats, like mice, prefer warmth and seek to be close to humans for food, leading them to take up residence in attics, drop ceilings, garages or basements. Mice particularly like to live in layers of insulation or cavity walls. By knowing the preferences of these rodents, it is possible to take measures to limit their presence and proliferation in our domestic environment.

Limit food sources for rodent pests

The main reason for the invasion of harmful rodents is the presence of food. To minimize attraction to these animals, it is strongly advised to store all forms of food (human and animal) in metal or glass containers with a tight-fitting lid. It is also recommended to use metal bins to store household waste and to avoid throwing it into open compost. By taking these preventative measures, it is possible to significantly reduce the attraction to harmful rodents in our environment.

Remove anything that can serve as shelter for harmful rodents

Rats and mice are attracted to holes and cracks in a house where they can hide and build their nest. It is therefore recommended to block them with materials such as metal or concrete, as they cannot eat them away. Avoid using wood or rubber to block these holes, as pests can chew on them.

It is also advisable to avoid piling items outside the house that could provide shelter for rats and mice, such as piles of wood, old tires or debris. Inside the house, regularly clean areas that could provide shelter for rodents, such as the cellar, attic or garage. By taking these preventive measures, it is possible to considerably limit the entry and establishment of harmful rodents in a home.

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