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What is a freezing treatment?

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Freezing treatment for bedbugs: An effective and ecological treatment

Interestingly, there is an alternative method of getting rid of bed bugs using freezing, which is especially useful for items and clothing that are difficult to treat with other methods. This ecological method is very effective and does not involve the use of chemicals on the treated objects.

What is the principle of treating bedbugs by freezing?

In bed bug freeze treatment , infested items are subjected to temperatures ranging from -18°C to -28°C for several days to eliminate adult bedbugs, nymphs and eggs. After this treatment, the items can be recovered and reintroduced into a healthy environment. However, it is important to ensure that temperatures are low enough for an adequate amount of time for the treatment to be effective. It should be noted that not all home freezers are capable of reaching the temperatures needed for this operation.

Freezing treatment

What items can be frozen to be treated against bedbugs?

It should be noted that most household items can be subjected to the freeze treatment to eliminate bed bugs. This method is particularly suitable for clothes that cannot be washed or dried at high temperatures. It is also recommended for other items such as shoes, boots, stuffed animals, theater costumes, toys, picture frames, pictures, clocks and electronic equipment (except those with an LCD screen).

The freezing treatment of The Exterminator Online

When you hire The Exterminator Online's freezing services, you should place the items you want to process in plastic bags. Their services will then collect the packaged items directly from your home to transport them to L'exterminateur en ligne's decontamination center to treat them for bedbugs. Items will be frozen for the length of time necessary to kill the bed bugs, then you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to pick up the treated items.

After freezing, it is important to let electronic and electrical devices sit at room temperature before using them again.

If you have frozen your mattress and box spring and wish to protect them with a cover, it is important to ensure that all traces of humidity have disappeared to avoid any risk of mold.

It is important to note that the manufacturer's specifications and capabilities should be checked before freezing electronic devices with an LCD screen. Never freeze items that contain liquids or moisture or that may be damaged by condensation. Items such as old books, valuable items, antique objects or those that cannot be replaced should not be frozen. Contact us to have them processed in another way.

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