Spider infestation: How to recognize?

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Spotting the occasional spider may seem trivial, but it's important to know when an invasion is underway. In this article, our experienced exterminators provide you with valuable information on the key signs to look out for to detect a spider infestation.

Signs of spider presence:

If you have noticed an increase in spiders in your home, you may be facing a pest problem. Spiders thrive in dark, damp places, such as basements and bathrooms, and are often attracted to light sources that attract the insects they feed on. If you frequently observe spiders moving around the same area, this may indicate an infestation. In this case, it is advisable to call on professionals to identify the cause of the problem and remedy it effectively using specialized products against spiders .

While the mere presence of a spider web shouldn't worry you too much, a rapid increase in their numbers can indicate an infestation problem. It is therefore recommended to consider preventive measures against pests, especially if the webs multiply quickly in corners or under furniture.

Why do spiders come into homes?

Spiders tend to take refuge in our homes to protect themselves from the harsh winter weather conditions, and to lay their eggs safely. It is therefore important to remain vigilant in spotting the small egg sacs that form in the form of silk pockets. Each bag can contain dozens of developing spiders, so it is crucial to take the necessary steps to eliminate them.

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