STRIKEMAX GLO, light to attract flies

STRIKEMAX GLO, light to attract flies

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Best in class insect LED light trap.

STRIKE MAX GLO™ is the best insect LED light trap and is designed for locations in the front and back of buildings.

With a discreet and adaptable design, STRIKE MAX GLO integrates seamlessly with a full range of interior elements. Its exterior uses a powerful 11W LED bulb to attract pests. The glue board serves to capture insect fragments, preventing contamination.


  • Strike Max Glo catches flies faster than any other LED ILT on the market.
  • Better or as efficient as any fluorescent ILT but with energy savings of up to 67%


  • Strike Max Glo can reach up to 80% farther than traditional fluorescent lights.


  • Safer and easier to maintain.


  • Versatile, modern and aesthetic design to meet different business needs and locations.


  • 62% less carbon emissions.
  • LED lamps do not need to be changed more than once every 3 years.
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STRIKEMAX GLO, light to attract flies

Additional information

Why LEDs?

-Very high light quality and superior UV output

-LED lamps have a very long lifespan (last 3 years before needing to be replaced)

-Strike Max LED lights do not contain mercury which can potentially affect people's health

-LED lamps are extremely energy efficient

- Very low maintenance costs and hassles

- UV output stability controlled at 365 nm at low operating temperature.

-Disposal of LED lamps is safer and easier due to their lack of mercury compared to fluorescent lamps.


Efficacy test: the half-life test

Strike Max Glo has been rated against the best ILT products on the market.

Using a standardized test, measuring the time it takes for ILT products to capture 50% of the insects in a room, Strike Max Glo was found to be the fastest of all units tested.

Complementary product

The Strike Max Glo Fly Light glue panels are complementary to replace the old panels supplied with the trap

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