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  • Économie sur tous les produits antiparasitaires

    Save 15% on all products

  • Free shipping for orders over $600

  • Unique prevention system

  • Video calls in case of questions

  • Gestionnaires d'immeubles produits antiparasitaires

    Building managers

    Member property managers benefit from savings while having better prevention and management of infestation cases, all remotely.

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  • Propriétaires d'immeubles locatifs et commerciaux produits antiparasitaires

    Owners of rental and commercial properties

    Building owners have peace of mind because their building is protected at a lower cost while having tenants informed by our explanatory videos.

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  • Restaurants produits d'exterminations


    Our restaurant members appreciate the service and support they get. They can thus protect their customers and the quality of the environment of their restaurants at a lower cost.

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  • Agences hôtelières produits antiparasitaires

    Hotel agencies

    Hotel agencies can benefit from unparalleled service at the best price to ensure discreet and flawless protection of rooms.

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  • Centres de personnes agées produits d'exterminations

    Centers for the elderly

    It is important to protect the most vulnerable from infestations. Our call center responds to residents' concerns while providing the appropriate products according to the center.

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  • Hôpitaux produits antiparasitaires


    For a healthy hospital, it is essential to have good management and prevention of infestations. We offer member hospitals an efficient and economical solution.

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