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How to get rid of mice?

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Mice Extermination

It is imperative to never tolerate the presence of mice in a house, garage or farm. Mice, like other wild rodents, are natural hosts for a variety of diseases, including leptospirosis and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which in some cases can be fatal. These diseases are generally contracted by improper handling of mice, their nests or their droppings.

How to recognize mice?

It is easy to identify the deer mouse and the house mouse. The deer mouse has a white belly and legs, while the rest of its body is brownish or grayish in color. As for the common mouse, it is easily recognizable thanks to its large ears.

What damage can mice cause?

Mice and other small rodents soil the areas where they live by urinating and defecating, which can cause an unpleasant odor and pose a risk of contamination by dangerous pathogens. Additionally, mice can damage materials by chewing, move insulation, strip wires, and even cause fires in some situations. It is therefore important to eliminate mice to ensure the safety of the premises. In this case, it is essential to obtain specialized products against rodents , and not large-scale products.

Rodent problems

How to get rid of mice?

Probably the first step to getting rid of mice is to plug the holes through which they enter the house. It may also be necessary to modify the environment around the home by removing tall grass, trash that could be used as food, and woodpiles. Although poison baits are available on the market, they pose a risk to other animals and can sometimes cause mice inside the walls to die, giving off a strong odor that requires work to remove. In this context, mouse traps remain a very effective tool.

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