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Elegant Solutions to Catch Rodents Discreetly

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Who said that getting rid of rodents such as rats, mice, field mice, squirrels, red squirrels, prairie rats, muscardins, and muskrats had to be an exceedingly difficult task, and that installation traps would alert the entire neighborhood that we could have small rodents in our home?

There are several traps that we can use without causing inconvenience, while protecting you against a rodent infestation.

Protecta Evo Landscape, a Discreet Rodent Trap

In the fight against rodents, Protecta Evo Landscape stations stand out. These discreet outdoor stations are designed to effectively capture rodents. Be sure to insert a trap inside these stations, and we recommend T-Rex rat traps . They are perfect for capturing rodents of different sizes, from rats and squirrels to mice and field mice. Be careful when choosing the trap, avoid putting a mouse trap in a station intended for rats, as these resistant rodents could escape unscathed. Maximize your results by using Propest Mouse Bait , Provoke Mouse Bait , and Provoke Rat Bait .

Available in gray and beige, these stations can be integrated seamlessly into your landscaping, tracking rodents' preferred areas along walls and fences. Protecta Evo Landscape stations are safe for children and pets, opening using a Protecta key provided with purchase.

These PROTECTA Landscape stations, with their authentic rock appearance, act as effective bait devices. The realistic colors, dark gray and beige, and natural texture make them almost invisible in the outdoor environment. Automatic closing and opening with the standard PROTECTA two-pin key ensure safety and ease of use.

Station maintenance is easy with integrated maintenance doors, one-piece liner and side-opening design. Four secure vertical bait attachment rods can be applied in the station. Made from sturdy injection-molded plastic, the station features a durable hinge, ready to withstand frequent maintenance.

We also offer a Protecta Evo Landscape station model with Weight , unfortunately only available in gray. This bait station is equipped with a concrete slab inside for added stability, ideal in windy areas.

Rock Shaped Rodent Trap

Jt Eaton's Repeater Rock system represents a sophisticated station housing a multi-catch trap. The notable advantage of this solution lies in its non-lethal nature towards mice, thus preserving a humane and cruelty-free approach. Mice caught alive emit sound signals that, intriguingly, a draw other live mice into the trap . However, it should be noted that medium-sized rodents, such as rats or squirrels, are excluded from access to the trap due to their larger build.

To optimize catching performance, it is strongly recommended to use premium baits such as Propest Mouse Bait, Provoke Mouse Bait, and Provoke Rat Bait. These baits are precisely designed to pique the interest of targeted rodents, thereby significantly increasing the overall efficiency of the capture process.

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