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What are the Best Mouse Traps?

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Mouse traps

Mouse traps are undoubtedly the most recognized means of capturing mice. This option is both economical and effective, but it is essential to use them correctly. To do this, place the traps in places where you have observed signs of presence such as droppings and noises.

If you want to use mouse traps as a means of prevention, we recommend placing them near sensitive areas such as plumbing, attic, basement, and all entrances to the building. We offer several models of mouse traps, including the Jawz Mouse Trap , the Mini-rex Mouse Trap and the Snap-e Mouse Trap . All of these models allow you to install a mouse bait to attract the rodent into the trap.

Mouse bait

Mouse baits are essential for effectively capturing mice with traps. We offer two types of mouse bait. The first is Propest Professional Mouse Bait , used by exterminators. This mouse lure is made entirely of food ingredients, specially designed to quickly attract mice and rats. It also contains a protein-enriched formula, thus extending the effective life of the lure.

The second choice is Provoke mouse bait , non-toxic, non-staining and hypoallergenic. This mouse lure is made in the USA.

Live mouse traps

Some people want to get rid of small rodents in their home without resorting to lethal methods. This is why there are several types of non-lethal mouse traps. The main advantage of these traps is that they capture live mice, which will emit noises, which will attract other rodents to the trap. We offer several models of humane mouse traps.

The first model is the Ketch-All Multi-Catch Mouse Trap , available with a metal lid or a clear lid. It is important to note that traps with a metal lid have a better chance of catching mice, as these animals often seek out dark places.

The second model, similar to the first, is the Catchmaster 612mc Live Mouse Trap , also available with a metal lid or a transparent lid. The main difference is its rectangular shape and lower height, which allows it to be placed discreetly in several locations.

Finally, the last model is the 24/7 Trapper Multi-Catch Mouse Trap . It has a cover that is both obscure for the mouse and transparent for human observation. This model is considered luxurious due to its simple appearance. Additionally, this non-lethal mouse trap is available in two versions: one without a mobile app and one with a mobile app that signals when a mouse has been captured.

Smart mouse traps

Smart mouse traps are extremely convenient, as the term "smart" often suggests that the trap alerts you when a mouse has been captured. However, a smart mouse trap does not necessarily mean a technological trap. We will present to you two models that we offer for sale.

The first is Victor's Smart-Kill electronic mouse trap , which can be connected to a mobile app notifying you as soon as a mouse has been trapped. This trap emits a fatal electric shock to the mouse, guaranteeing rapid and painless capture.

The second smart mouse trap is the EZ Snap Mouse Trap . It requires no electricity and doesn't have a mobile app to report capture, but it does have two mouse traps inside its box. To these hatches are attached black and yellow rods. When the trap is armed, the tips of the yellow rods are visible. However, once a mouse is captured, the tip of the yellow rod is no longer visible. We also recommend purchasing mouse bait to attract rodents into the traps.

All-in-one mouse sets 

Now informed about the various products to control or prevent a mouse infestation, we have designed all-in-one mouse kits that will save you money while being perfectly equipped. There are various all-in-one sets designed to meet the needs of each consumer, including trap-only sets, non-lethal mouse trap sets, rat-specific sets, as well as mouse-specific sets. Explore our selection of all-in-one mouse bundles by visiting our dedicated page available here .

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