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Signs of bed bugs

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What are the signs of bedbugs?

Being an astute individual, it is essential to be able to quickly detect the presence of bed bugs by being able to recognize the signs and symptoms they produce. These signs and symptoms can be easily spotted by knowing how to identify them. Bedbugs are insects that feed on blood and the most widespread variety adapted to human habitats is the Cimex Lectarius, recognizable by its brown/red color and its oval, flattened shape, similar to an apple seed. once she is an adult. Despite their ability to hide, it is important to remain alert to the signs that may indicate the presence of bed bugs.

If you want to learn how to find bed bugs, it is recommended that you bring a small flashlight and a small knife, which can be very useful in spotting them. The main signs to look for include bed bugs themselves, their carcasses, blood stains on sheets, and black stains on various objects, such as the mattress, furniture, baseboards, picture frames, and curtains. . Can you recognize these signs of bedbugs in your own home or a loved one? It is important to be vigilant and know how to identify these signs in order to quickly take the necessary steps to prevent or eliminate an infestation.

How to find bedbugs themselves?

Bedbugs normally avoid light. The best time to find them is around 2:00 AM at night. Get up without opening the light. Just turn on your flashlight, and check under your sheets, your headboard, your bedside tables, the bed frame and under the mattress. Be careful because the bedbug can quickly run away if it sees the light.

How to find bedbug shells?

Bed bug shells are sometimes found on the parts of the bed structure that support the mattress or simply on the floor. We often mistakenly believe that these are bedbugs, but upon closer inspection, we recognize the morphological characteristics of the bedbug. The presence of shells is an important sign of the presence of bedbugs.

How to find blood stains on sheets?

The blood stains left by bedbugs on the sheets come either from an overflow (droplet) at the time of the bite, or from slight bleeding following the bite, or from accidental crushing of bedbugs. a bedbug engorged with blood while the person is sleeping. The presence of blood stains is an important indicator of the presence of bedbugs.

How to find bedbug black spots?

Black spots (on sheets, mattresses or the wood of the bed, furniture, baseboards at the bottom of walls, behind frames, curtains, etc.) are also signs, important clues of the presence of bedbugs. bed. These stains have a similar appearance to those left by flies in our homes in terms of color and size.

Black spots bedbugs

What are the symptoms of bedbugs?

The most common symptoms caused by bedbugs are skin reactions following bites and attacks of pruritus (intense tingling making you want to scratch).

Skin reactions following bed bugs can take several forms including redness, small papules (swellings), hives, bullous reactions (blisters) filled with fluid and sometimes blood. It should be noted, however, that a portion of the population has no reaction following bedbug bites.

Some advice while waiting to treat the infestation

  • Don't move your furniture or clothes, you're moving the problem without eliminating it.
    Avoid sleeping anywhere else in your apartment, otherwise you risk catching bedbugs somewhere other than your bedroom. (Some of the bedbugs may follow you)
  • Don't throw anything away! Everything can be saved. Otherwise, don't forget to report that your objects are infested. Otherwise, put them in the trash under plastic.

1# Why do they invade our homes?

The abandonment of the massive use of powerful pesticides (DDT, etc.) as well as the increase in international travel seems to have largely contributed to the reappearance of bedbugs in our homes and accommodation. In addition, bedbugs have developed resistance to several insecticides that were formerly used to eradicate them. The appearance of automatic heating controlled by thermostats is not unrelated to the rapid spread of bedbugs since it provides them with a stable temperature required for their rapid development.

2# Where do they hide most often?

Never far from their victims! Start looking for signs of their presence near the mattress, in cracks, in bed bases, on/under/in bedside tables, under rugs, behind frames, in curtains, etc.

3# How do you know if your home is infested with bedbugs?

If you or a loved one are experiencing itchy, red, blistered bites, usually on the arms in groups of three or four, or if you notice blood stains on your sheets or pillow, or black spots along the seams of your mattress, you should be alerted. In these cases, it is recommended to carry out a thorough inspection of your home, especially the bedrooms.

Pay close attention to the seams of the mattress, box spring and sheets for any signs of bedbug presence. If you find droppings, shells, eggs or insects, treat immediately with specialized bedbug products. bed .
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