I have wasps in my home, what should I do?

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Who doesn't dream of a BBQ dinner on their terrace without being disturbed by the wasps that sometimes come to ruin these beautiful moments?

In this article we offer you effective solutions against wasps that you can carry out yourself at a lower cost without the help of a professional. The arrival of wasps can transform your outdoor environment into an unpleasant area and become potentially dangerous. Fortunately, there are several effective strategies, including the use of wasp traps, wasp-killing insecticide sprays, and other solutions available from the online exterminator, to get rid of these unwanted visitors.

Wasps nest

1. Do you actually have an infestation?

First of all, identify the places where wasps are most active. Little hint, look for nests under eaves, in trees, or against structures. It is often in these places that the main colonies of wasps are found. To help, use wasp monitors containing an attractant to monitor wasp activity and determine the most problematic areas.

2. Use traps effectively.

Wasp traps are an effective and environmentally friendly way to reduce the wasp population around your home. The purpose of wasp traps is to lure wasps indoors in order to trap them before they can travel to your outdoor spaces. Set reusable baited traps in strategic areas, away from busy areas, to capture wandering wasps. There are traps already equipped with a powerful attractant, or you can get traps without bait and put your own bait in them. If this is the case, we recommend the 1L non-toxic bait for flies and wasps which represents one of the best wasp baits on the market.

3. In the case of Chemical Products and Wasp Spray

It is best to eliminate wasps naturally. However, there are situations where it is possible to apply products to destroy the colony directly at its source, that is to say at the nest. For visible and accessible nests, use annihilating foam or insecticide sprays specific to this use such as Doktor Doom wasp and hornet annihilation . In rarer cases where the nest is located in a structure or directly in the ground, powder such as diatomaceous earth is a natural product which allows the wasps to dry out and thus eliminate them. These products, approved by Health Canada, are designed to quickly eliminate wasps. Be sure to follow safety instructions, apply the product at the end of the day when wasps are less active, and avoid directly illuminating the nest. In order to know exactly how to apply and use the products, it is important to follow the instructions for use very carefully. You can also contact us at any time if you have any questions about this.

4. Savings made

Know that by carrying out the task of eliminating wasps yourself using key products, you are giving yourself the chance to save for what really matters. Calling professionals can be quite expensive if the situation you are experiencing can be easily resolved with the right advice and the right household products. This is why our explanatory videos and our products are at your disposal to give you the means to succeed and find your home at lower costs.

5. Professional Solutions

It should be noted, however, that not all wasp infestations can be resolved so easily. For large infestations or difficult-to-access nests, it may be wise to call in professionals. Eliminating a wasp colony remains a task that can be difficult. Solution Cimex offers extermination services that include situation assessment, nest removal, and advice on preventing future infestations.


Getting rid of wasps will require a combination of vigilance, prevention and intervention. Whether through effective traps, powerful sprays or natural methods, the online exterminator has everything you need to control and eliminate wasps. Remember, safety is paramount: always use protective equipment and follow product instructions carefully.

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