Meilleurs pièges pour animaux sauvages

Best Wildlife Traps

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The Havahart Easy Set Cage: An Easy-to-Use Trap for Capturing Wild Animals

The Havahart Easy Set Cage lives up to its name, providing a simplified trapping experience. Simply pull the handle to arm the wildlife trap. Made of sturdy, rust-resistant wire mesh and reinforced with steel, Havahart traps guarantee a long service life. Galvanized for maximum rust and corrosion resistance, these traps are ideal for capturing a variety of wildlife such as raccoons, foxes, groundhogs, squirrels, coyotes, hares, porcupines , and other similar species.

Trapping Technology Validated by Experts

Patented Easy Set technology simplifies the capture of harmful animals. Pull a lever to set your trap. Rigorously tested by experts, Havahart Easy Set traps stand out as the strongest on the market, with rust-resistant galvanized steel.

Easy Installation and Release

One-handed adjustment by pulling the Easy Set lever is the central point of the trap. The sensitivity of the trigger plate is tailored to the specific size and weight of the animal, ensuring quick and secure capture. To release the animal, position yourself at the back of the cage and pull the Easy Set lever.

Safety for You and the Animal

Inside the cage, smooth, rounded edges, as well as a sturdy door lock, ensure the pet's safety. Solid hand protection limits contact with the captured animal. The rigid carrying handle makes it easy to move even large animals at a safe distance from you.

The Answer Pro Cage: An Effective Solution for Capturing Wild Animals

The Answer Pro cage has been specially designed for capturing wild animals such as skunks and porcupines. Equipped with small holes in the door allowing the animal to breathe once inside, this trap offers an effective and humane solution.

Features of the Answer Pro Cage:
  • Easy-to-adjust spring-loaded door with a simple-to-install latch.
  • Easy-to-open release door for quick access to bait.
  • Construction entirely in robust black plastic, eliminating the risk of spraying by skunks and deployment of thorns by porcupines.

Suitable for capturing other medium-sized wild animals, the Answer Pro cage offers a versatile and secure solution for managing animal nuisances.

Tomahawk Exclusion Cages: Free Unwanted Animals from Your Space

Tomahawk exclusion cages are specially designed to allow animals to voluntarily leave unwanted areas. Equipped with mounting wings, they attach directly above den openings, ensuring no-return exit for animals. The one-way door makes egress easy while preventing re-entry.

Features of Tomahawk Exclusion Cages:

  • One-way door for easy exit.
  • Mounting wings allow for flush mounting directly above den opening.
  • Prevent animals from entering after exiting.

Ideal for situations where animals are inside or under buildings, these exclusion cages do not capture the wild animal, but facilitate its departure. Choose from our options, including the Tomahawk Medium Pet Cage E80 (14'' x 8'' x 8'') and the Tomahawk Squirrel Cage E40 (10'' x 4'' x 4'').

Rhino Products (RNS Products): Innovation in the Service of Wild Animal Management

Rhino products (RNS Products) are recognized for their unrivaled effectiveness in keeping wild animals away from your building or under your balcony. Specially designed to successfully handle different situations, Rhino products offer innovative solutions for the responsible management of unwanted animals.

Features of Rhino Products:

Choose peace of mind with Rhino products, designed to meet your unique needs. Durable, efficient and environmentally friendly, our solutions allow you to regain control of your space.

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